Friday, April 1, 2022

Simple Activities To Do With Your Loved One

Do Jigsaw Puzzles!

Of course that would be my first choice! As we all know they are an amazing activity which stimulates the brain and is very fun to do together!

Build Legos

They are a fun and creative activity

Bake or Cook

Grandma and I used to make "no bake" energy balls. She had so much fun. There was no danger of getting hurt in the kitchen because we just mixed rolled oats, peanut butter, coconut flakes, chocolate chips and honey, and formed them into balls. Here is the recipe that we used click here

Perform a song or skit together
Grandma and I loved to sing "You Are My Sunshine". (I will post the video)

DIY Crafts

Here is a craft to make birdhouses from milk cartons click here

Read Aloud Together

One of Grandma's favorite childhood books was Mr. Pine's Purple House. It is about the beauty of standing out and being different; not following the pack. I like that!

Go To A Park

There is fresh air, birds and trees, which means there are a lot of things to notice, and appreciate and talk about...

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