Sunday, February 27, 2022

ZINC Video Update

 UPDATE: It has been 4 years since this video was created and aired. Since then, i have lost my beloved grandma (April 14th, 2020, at age 96). I am still heartbroken, BUT I have been able to have my intergenerational PUZZLE TIME program in ALL 50 states, and now in 24 countries! I have distributed over 50,000 puzzles for memory care facilities in diverse communities. I have an interested book publisher who may publish my book when it is completed. I am also meeting on ZOOM sessions with other tweens/teens to support one another! I am a true believer in microphilanthropy! #kindessmatters #befearless #bekind #kidcaregiverskidcaregivers

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Friday, February 25, 2022


 My dear friend Ms. Loretta Veney lost her mother last week. As her post mentions she was planning to tell her mother's best friend, Mrs. Adams. But Ms. Loretta chose NOT to tell her!

That has always been my advice. You have to go into the world of the Alzheimer's patient.
Kindness not brutal "honesty" has to be the guiding light.
We did the same thing when my grandpa died. We NEVER told my grandma! Why repeat painful news over and over again, if the loved one will only forget.
My heart goes out to Ms. Veney, but her sweet mother will have her best friend with her up in heaven!

Here is Ms. Loretta Woodward Veney's post from FACEBOOK: On this night before Mom’s funeral I should be asleep right now but I’m not. I just found this photo from Mom’s 85th birthday party at my house and it’s one of my favs of Mom and her bestie Mrs. Adams who has been a huge part of my entire life. Two weeks ago I went to tell her about Mom’s death but decided against telling her once I got there. I found out last night that Mrs. Adams died earlier this week and it broke me. Best friends dying three weeks apart. I hope they are laughing and dancing together again just like they used to!

Pennsylvania Ambassadors Deliver 1000 jigsaw puzzles to Diverse Communities for Black History Month!

 There are several communities in Pennsylvania that have diverse communities in need of resources. I managed to contact multiple companies and the Thred Up consignment company to gather 1000 puzzles.

 I then shipped them to PA so our Ambassadors Brayson and his brother could donate the puzzles to Alzheimer's facilities!

Black History Month is celebrated in February but it is valued all year! African Americans are diagnosed twice as often as Whites yet do not have as many resources. We want to close the GAP!

Brayson and I will then locate students to volunteer and solve the puzzles with Alzheimer's patients for our National and International PUZZLE TIME PROGRAM!

Why Did Grandma Leave Her Underwear In The Refrigerator?

 I have always recommended the amazing book, "Why Did Grandma Leave Her Underwear In The Refrigerator" by Dr. Max Wallack as the perfect explanation about Alzheimer's disease for kids. One of the greatest moments was when the book was read by a NEW ENGLAND PATRIOT and honored by the New England Patriots Foundation!

The book written by Dr. Max Wallack, is about MY life with my grandma, and his life with his great grandma. 

Even though the subject matter is a sad and hard, it is still an uplifting book filled with easy to understand explanations and hope! 

(A portion of the proceeds go to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund)

 To purchase the book click here

Friday, February 18, 2022


Today is a special day! It honors the millions of CAREGIVERS out there. You are valued, and appreciated. Here are some of my most helpful tips!

Alzheimer's causes a lot of perceptual changes.  Here are some tips!

Not feeling they at home

-ask a few questions about their home from the past

-talk about their prior home as though they STILL live there

-do not correct them

(When a loved one is at a moderate or severe stage of Alzheimer's disease YOU need to change, not the person. It is kinder to accept the stage they are living in, rather than trying to convince them about the facts.)


(I have been advising this tip since I was 9 years old, which is 5 years ago. )

When my grandfather died, my grandma kept asking about when he is "coming home". When we told her the truth she started to cry. It was awful. Finally we started telling her that "grandpa is at work". She smiled and stopped crying.

-If your loved one says "it's raining" on a sunny day, smile and offer an umbrella. 

-If your loved one says that it is "night", agree!  It is not worth it.  Their short term memory is not working properly. You cannot "orient them" to time and space. So go along for the ride into THEIR WORLD.

To RECAP tips:

-"Enter their world" ask your loved one to tell you about the things the DO remember

-Try not to correct the person if they are confused, accept their way of thinking

-Distract your loved one by giving them a hug, a drink or agreeing with their version of the story

If you have LOVE as the motivation for your actions it becomes super easy!

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Alzheimer's Stamp

 As of the end of January 2022, more than 9.7 million #AlzheimersStamps have been sold, bringing the total revenue raised to more than $1.2 million. By law, 100 percent of the net amount raised is transferred to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to support research and medical discoveries in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease

To purchase stamps click here

Marginalized Youth Caregivers In the Front Lines

 I just read this article from TEEN VOGUE which speaks about Black and Brown youth caregivers who took on the role of caring for relatives during COVID.

I learned a few shocking stats:
-They are disproportionately engaged in family caregiving roles (in particular girls and girl identifying youth)
-perform greater caregiving tasks in their home (while parents are working or ill from the virus)
Youth Caregivers are at risk for depression, anxiety compared to peers who do not have caregiving roles.
We need a federal Youth Caregivers Taskforce made up of:
-social workers
-representation from youth caregivers
Marginalized from society they need dedicated federal and state dollars to fund mental health counselors in every school and social services to support youth caregivers.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Wonderful Smiles

 We are so happy that the residents in JK House of Grace Assisted Living has been enjoying the puzzles that we sent to them! We are excited to start our PUZZLE TIME program pairing students and Alzheimer's patients for an hour of jigsaw puzzle solving! It is wonderful to see the smiles after a completed puzzle!

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

International Day of Women and Girls

 I thank all the women who are working in research and science who are making the world better for all of us. I hope to be one of them someday! #diversityequityinclusion

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Calling All Bar/Bat Mitzvah Kids!

 Calling on all Bar/Bat Mitzvah kids! Looking to help Alzheimer's patients with a fun and joyful mitzvah? Collect jigsaw puzzles for Alzheimer's patients! Attach our flier to the collection box at the service! Ask guests to donate puzzles in lieu of gifts!

Those puzzles can be part of our Puzzle Time program pairing youth members and Alzheimer's patients for an hour of jigsaw puzzle solving! Community service hours are awarded and the Alzheimer's patients have companionship and stimulation!

Reach out to us at for more information! Or fill out the form on our website!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Virtual Tween/Teen Support Group for Caregiving Youth!

 We are launching our Zoom meeting for tweens and teens who are caregivers to family members with Alzheimer's disease! This peer-to-peer support group will be a safe place for youth members and their parents (if they would like) to share their stories, and offer advice and show one another that "we are not alone!" Stay tuned for link and date TBD! Julie Zatuchney Solarsh a licensed clinical Guidance Counselor will be overseeing it.

Monday, February 7, 2022

How To Be A Global Citizen

 I am very honored to be included in a social studies textbook for young people entitled: How To Be A Global Citizen by DK publishing.

I hope other youth realize that they can make a big difference. I am a big believer in MicroPhilanthropy. No one is too young to make a difference. It does not have to be a huge one, just a small change.

As my dear mentor Max Wallack taught me, "if you have the ability to help others it is your responsibility to do so!"

Additional Volunteers Needed for Silver Springs, Maryland

Good Morning! We are looking for additional student volunteers in Silver Springs, Maryland! Please contact us!

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Bethpage Federal Credit Union Gives Huge Donation of Springbok Alzheimer's Puzzles!

 We are so grateful to Bethpage Federal Credit Union for giving us a HUGE donation of Springbok Puzzles To Remember puzzles! Our Long Island Ambassador Jake Gutman spearheaded our connection to Bethpage Federal Credit Union.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Bethpage Federal Credit Union!  We will be placing the puzzles in diverse underserved communities in Long Island. We also hope to establish several PUZZLE TIME chapters with these puzzles!  Please know that thousands of Alzheimer's patients will benefit, greatly from these puzzles!

#bethpagefederalcreditunion #springbokpuzzles 

Finding Inspiration and Seeking volunteers for Silver Sping, Maryland

 My friend and fellow caregiver, Ms. Loretta Woodward Veney has such a positive sunny disposition. Sadly, she lost her mom recently to Alzheimer's disease. We had sent puzzles to her for use with her mom and fellow residents.  Her she is with Ms. Khader from JK House of Grace Assisted Living Homes. 

We are actively looking for High School students and Girl Scouts to participate in PUZZLE TIME at this facility in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Please email us!

Friday, February 4, 2022

Global Youth Service Day

 I am looking forward to organizing another successful Global Youth Service Day (April 30-May 1, 2022) Weekend. Last year we had over 100 volunteers who distributed over 1000 puzzles benefiting over 1000 Alzheimer's patients! We are always looking for student volunteers to distribute jigsaw puzzles to Alzheimer's patients; and participate in our National Puzzle Time program! Please email me at COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS are for volunteer work!