Sunday, October 30, 2016

Working With Wikki Stix

Crafts for Kids

I love working with Wikki Stix (  I have built scale models of a volcano, made a model tooth, created a flower diagram.  Wikki Stix activities are good for both kids and their loved ones. So I decided to try using them with grandma!
They are sticky sticks, they stretch, bend, and will stick to almost anything.  Mom researched it and told me that it is non-toxic.  I bought some of the Wikki Stix and tried making jewelry with grandma. She LOVED it. People with dementia like to use their hands. We KNOW they love to solve puzzles. But they also benefit from many art activities where they can be creative.  Playing with Wikki Stix can be a wonderful activity for people with Alzheimer's disease. Grandma created many shapes, and then we both decided to make matching bracelets. I am happy that grandma was able to copy the bracket that I made. Now we have a special keepsake! 

  1. Let your loved one create whatever they would like
  2. Try to make a shape like a heart, and ask them to copy the shape with their stick (this exercises their brain!)
  3. Sort the sticks by color
  4. There is no correct way to play with them, use your imagination
Grandma copies my shapes
We design a bracelet
Adding finishing touches
Proud of our work!
We love our matching bracelets!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Playing the OSMO Game System with Grandma

Today, Grandma and I worked with the Osmo Game System. (  We worked on Tangrams and Word Games.  Grandma loved it!  She was amazed with the technology and kept saying, "we did not have these things when I was a little girl."  A Tangram is a type of puzzle where you have to make a shape.  Tangrams are available as wooden pieces, and you do not need an iPad to use them, but it was a lot of fun using Osmo to solve them.  We then played a word game on Osmo.  It has different levels. We started with the Easy level. There is a picture clue and you need to fill in the words using your alphabet letters. Believe it or not, grandma did very well we got up to the advanced level!