Sunday, October 9, 2016

Playing the OSMO Game System with Grandma

Today, Grandma and I worked with the Osmo Game System. (  We worked on Tangrams and Word Games.  Grandma loved it!  She was amazed with the technology and kept saying, "we did not have these things when I was a little girl."  A Tangram is a type of puzzle where you have to make a shape.  Tangrams are available as wooden pieces, and you do not need an iPad to use them, but it was a lot of fun using Osmo to solve them.  We then played a word game on Osmo.  It has different levels. We started with the Easy level. There is a picture clue and you need to fill in the words using your alphabet letters. Believe it or not, grandma did very well we got up to the advanced level!

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