Friday, April 8, 2022

Alzheimer's Preventing Nasal Spray Using New Drug - Potential Good News!

 I just read an article from Alzheimer's & Dementia: Translational Research & Clinical Interventions (I am linking the article for those of you who are science kids like me!)

There is a drug called "Rifampicin" which removes the amyloid and tau. They are proteins that form sticky substances called "plaques" in the brain. It may be a cause of Alzheimer's disease. It was done in mouse studies.

By the way, Rifamipicin is an antibiotic. The same type of medication that you take when you get strep throat! It is being tested for another purpose, to help PREVENT Alzheimer's disease!

But studies show that it may harm the liver in humans.

Scientists want to find a safer way to give Rifampicin to humans without hurt their liver.

Nasal spray when tested on mice show that it is safer and more effective that taking a pill. It will take some years to research it more on humans but in the mean time it gives us a lot of HOPE for the future.

I am thinking about grandma. It would have been much easier for us to give grandma a nasal spray. Also if your loved one has trouble swallowing you can still give them the medicine!

Here is a link to the here

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