Thursday, April 28, 2022

How To Bathe Your Loved One

 Getting grandma to take a bath was very very hard. Even when we had an aide to assist us. Grandma would still argue and refuse to cooperate.

TEN TIPS for showering. (I learned about them from experience and research!)

1.  Make sure the bathroom is warm. Grandma hated being cold. As people get older, they feel colder. (heated towels, a small ceramic heater, increasing the thermostat) can help.

2. Get into a routine. Do not ask IF they want to take a bath. Instead, TELL THEM that it is time to take a bath. (Try to do it at the same time every day).

3. Bathe starting top to bottom, as soon as you finish the loved one's back cover with a towel.

4. Use a shower chair! It will help avoid falls, and makes it easier.

5. Use grab bars (you may need to install them, but they are worth it, and could hold towels)

6. A portable CD player or radio playing their favorite music is a great relaxer.

7. Use a handheld shower head on a GENTLE setting. A strong spray could be painful to tender skin- only wet the area that you are washing. As soon as that part of the body is washed, dry your loved one off and cover them with a towel.

8. There are RINSE FREE Shampoo Caps that do not require water. They can be used sometimes. click here for a link for them on Amazon  (I did not know about these products when grandma was alive but I would have loved them for her!)

9. There are also NO WATER Body Wash Cleansing Foam for Elderly Care Click here

10. Finish with body lotion in a fragrance that your loved one will enjoy!

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