Monday, April 11, 2022

April is Volunteerism Month!

 April is National Volunteer Month and what all volunteers quickly learn is this: you get back so much more than you give! My volunteerism ranges from organizing PUZZLE TIME and other activities in multiple facilities, collecting and distributing jigsaw puzzles for Alzheimer's patients, running a support group for youth members who have Alzheimer's disease, writing an informative support blog for young people. I am also a passionate Alzheimer's advocate working hard to end the disparities and inequity in the Alzheimer's communities. And I am also a fundraiser for Alzheimer's research. Along the way I've been blessed with tremendous support, inspiration and friendships. #nationalVolunteerMonth #kidcaregivers #puzzlestoremember #puzzletime #befearlessbekind #latinosagainstalzheimers #Africanamericansagainstalzheimers #endalz #CureAlzheimersfund

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