Sunday, March 20, 2016

When The Caregiver Needs Caring!

Believe it or not, sometimes the person you are caring for can become the caregiver!  I have been sick lately, and do not want to eat very much. Grandma wants everyone to eat.  She is always worried that I do not eat enough.  When I am sick grandma gets very worried and upset.  Sometimes being sick around your loved one, can make them remember how they used to care for others.  Here is a picture of grandma feeding me soup. At first I am not anxious to do it, but grandma has such a sweet way of
getting you to eat that I took the spoonful. It made her so happy!


  1. Hi Hailey,

    This is an amazing blog! Great job creating awareness for kid caregivers! I was a kid caregiver too, here's my story:

    Keep up the fantastic work!~Feylyn

  2. Great job Hailey! Your receiving a lot of appreciation from your grandmother. It also helps you in making your future more bright because you can start your own Assisted Living Business in such a way.

  3. It touch to my heart. I have seen the same thing in Assisted living center in Minnesota. I think that can be good way to make a great relationship.