Monday, March 7, 2016

Tips For Puzzle-Solving With Dementia Patients

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Today, grandma and I solved puzzles with another resident. This senior, “Mr. Lee” does not have a family that visits him. I feel sad for him. He also does not speak English.  But I still was able to make him smile and feel good.
I wheeled grandma near Mr. Lee. I handed him a puzzle piece and pointed to the puzzle.  At first he was not sure what I wanted him to do. But after a while he participated!  Grandma, Mr. Lee and I enjoyed ourselves.  Even the nurses were smiling and watching us solve the puzzles.  Some seniors with dementia can solve puzzles by themselves. Grandma needs my help and Mr. Lee needed some assistance.

Tips For Puzzle-Solving With Dementia Patients
  1. Try to let the seniors do it themselves
  2. Ask the person, “Where do you think we should put the puzzle piece?
  3. Say, “Do you think we should put it here?
  4. Say what you are doing, “ I am putting the puzzle piece here…"
  5. If they are not able to do it, than point to where they should put the puzzle piece
  6. Smile

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