Sunday, March 17, 2024

Health Disparities And Alzheimer's Disease

 When I was 10 years old I attended the National Alzheimer's Summit in Washington, DC. I was an invited speaker addressing the burden of young carers for family members with Alzheimer's disease. I wanted to readdress some startling facts about the DISPARITIES in the Alzheimer's communities:

  • African Americans are not asked to participate in clinical trials as much as as other racial groups, even though they have higher levels of diagnoses.
  • African Americans do not have the same access to Alzheimer's medications
  • 13% of Hispanics are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease
  • The majority of elderly members in LGBT communities do not have children and are lacking in family members. 
  • Landmark study indicate that lack of healthcare access, compound discrimination, and caregiving
  • 40% of caregivers in the latino communities are millennials. 

Thank you to our Massachusetts Puzzle Ambassador - LILY MINKOFF!

 Lily Minkoff, age 17, has been delivering puzzles on behalf of PuzzlesToRemember since she was 11 years old. She serves as our Massachusetts Ambassador. Lily is also an award-winning ice skater who also donates her time teaching ice skating to students with disabilities. She is also an accomplished saxophone player. Lily’s great grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease, so, at a young age, Lily became involved in distributing puzzles to help those with dementia. Lily recently received a large donation of puzzles from Ceaco Puzzles in Newton MA. She plans to deliver them to nursing facilities today and over the next few weeks in honor of Martin Luther King’s birthday. Thank you, Lily! You are making a big difference in the lives of many of our seniors!

Thank You Jake Guttman- Our Long Island Puzzle Ambassador!

Jake Guttman, age, 16, has been delivering puzzles on behalf of PuzzlesToRemember since he was 13. He serves as our Long Island Ambassador. Jake is involved in Alzheimer's awareness and advocacy on many fronts. He has presented PowerPoint presentations in his high school to explain the disease, and was invited to present on behalf of the National Science Honor Society (in which his has exceled from the start of High School!) He collects and distributes jigsaw puzzles to memory care facilities and has also fundraised for our organization requesting banks to sponsor our organization. In his spare time his enjoys coding and is a Hugh O'Brien Youth Leader! We are so grateful for all of your efforts Jake!