Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I Lost My Best Friend

 On April 14, 2020, my mom received the worst phone call of her life. The doctor called to tell her that Grandma died.

 I am still in shock. We all are heartbroken. The likely cause was COVID-19. Grandma is now a statistic along with 800,000 other Americans who were lost to this horrible virus.  

Grandma was 96 years old. I never got a chance to say "good bye". It was really hard! Due to COVID-19 lockdowns I could no longer visit my sweet grandma. 

She never understood why I "abandoned her. I tried very hard to be cheerful for the Zoom sessions with her. This is the last picture of us together. I am not the only kid who lost a family member. 

I will always love my grandma, and will continue to provide a shoulder to lean on, tips, and support to other caregiving youth. I know it is what grandma would have wanted. I know she is proud of me.