Friday, August 26, 2022

Special Memory From Woman's Day Magazine in 2018

 Such a special memory! Grandma and I were in the September 2018 issue of Woman's Day magazine. I was overjoyed about getting our story published. It could not have happened without my dear friend Lynda Everman's help! I was happy to share with other families that kids who are caregivers are not alone! There are actually 1.8 million young people who are caring for a family member with Alzheimer's disease.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Planning any international trips? Would you like to help people living with Alzheimer's disease in underserved countries?

 We are always looking to expand PUZZLE TIME internationally! Please message me here or at to become an international Ambassador!

Amazing Work From Our Puzzle Ambassador to Brazil, Kevin Aldridge!

 Kevin went on a trip to Brazil and implemented Puzzle Time there. Here are his words:

"Implementing Puzzle Time in Brazil was a success! I worked with two senior living facilities there—Residencial Longévité and Abrigo Mariana Magalhães (AMMA). Both homes were very receptive towards the project and the residents were amazing as well. In addition to implementation, I trained volunteers there and also the staff members at the homes to continue the project. Also, we were able to consolidate all the puzzles into our baggages so there was no extra baggage fee. Attached below is a google drive link to photos and videos of the visits. Thank you so much for all the puzzles, support, and effort for expanding Puzzle Time!"

He took many pictures and videos. Here are are a few highlights. 

If you are visiting another country and would like to start the Puzzle Time there, please email us at 

The smiling faces and hugs are all that we need to see what a success it was!

To view all of his incredible service work in Brazil click the link.Here is a link to the Google Drive

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Life of a Kid Caregiver

 Here are some pictures of what my life was like while caring for my dear grandma

I often used a pulse oximeter to make sure grandma's oxygen levels were ok. I learned at an early age how to use one. 

I also took great joy cutting grandma's food for her. I remembered how she cut my food, and it was my time to do it for her.
Many times, grandma did not want to eat. But I was able to convince her and feed her. I was good at it.

My dry erase board came in handy. I learned that grandma could not always express what she wanted, so I wrote questions and she was able to either answer me or point or give a thumbs up or down.

Love was ALWAYS behind the caregiving.

Kevin Aldridge our Maryland Ambassador is now our Ambassador to Brazil!

Kevin Aldridge has been our amazing Ambassador for Maryland for 3 years. Now he is expanding PUZZLE TIME to Brazil! We are thrilled. He is recruiting Brazilian Students who will be participating in PUZZLE TIME in underserved communities. Stay Tuned for pictures and updates. We are so excited!


Friday, August 5, 2022

PodCast about Latinos And Alzheimer's Disease

 Did you know that by 2030, nearly 40% of all Americans living with Alzheimer's will be Black or Latino.  Latinos are 1.5 times as likely as non-Hispanic Whites to develop Alzheimer's disease?

Dr. Jane Delgado, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health discusses current health models and risk factors and solutions.

 Click here to listen to the podcast