Thursday, June 15, 2017

Charlie's Angels

Grandma used to watch the T.V show called Charlie's Angels, with my mom when she was little.  It was about 3 women who are detectives.  It was a hot day outside. My friend K and I pretended to be detectives with grandma. We told her we were Charlie's Angels. It made grandma happy. We had a lot of fun!

1. Watch old TV shows or movies that your loved one enjoyed.
2. Talk about the show (discuss favorite characters, episodes)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

New Food

We took grandma to a new restaurant and ordered something different.  The dish was a grilled salmon with fancy fried onion rings on top of it. Grandma would never have ordered a dish like that before, in the olden days. When the dish arrived, grandma was so excited. She did not think the dish was for her!  We told her to "try it".  Grandma used to tell my mom to "try it" when a new food was offered.  Grandma liked it, and shared it with us!  It was like an adventure for her! Sometimes people with Alzheimer's disease start to lose there sense of smell which can effect their taste. So it may not hurt to give them a dish that has a bit more flavor or spice. (If the loved one is on a special diet, than maybe they can just visit a new restaurant, but order something from their diet).


1. Bring your loved one to a new restaurant
2. Order something new
2. Serve a new or unusual food.