Here is how our Puzzle Time Program works, in 3 easy steps

1) We form a youth group (ages 9 - 17)
2) The group is educated and trained to solve jigsaw puzzles with dementia patients
3) Each young person is paired with an Alzheimer's patient  for puzzle-solving

Kid Caregivers is a 501c3 nonprofit organization
  • Community service credit for civic engagement 
  • Opportunity for Scouts to receive badges for service work
  • Certifying organization with the Points of Light Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Please contact us at Kidcaregivers@gmail.com for volunteering!


  1. Hello Hailey, I’m Sarah. I just wanted gop say I’m really inspired and amazed by all the work you do. I am so astonished on what you do I’m am writing an artical about you for my school project. Write back if you can!!

    From, Sarah

    1. Hey Hailey ,when I found out your groups were only for 9-17 year olds l was so sad because I’m from North Carolina and I’m 8 years old.my grandma also has Alzheimer’s, and I want to help her to!

  2. i am cole. i saw you on a tv show in Disny+ i wanted to see your website and i have one questtion: did you code this in html, or JS?

  3. Hi Hailey! My name is Carter. I was watching Disney + and I found this site. My Great Grandma Alice had Alzheimer's before she died. Thank you so much for doing all the work you do.

    With best regards,
    your friend,


  4. i like what you do to help peple