Sunday, March 13, 2016

Going To The Movies

I like to take my grandma to the movies.  We have a lot of fun.  Yesterday we saw the movie: Zootopia. It is a Disney film that is animated.  We saw the 3D version, which means that you need to wear special 3D glasses. At first grandma did not want to wear the glasses because she already wears glasses. When she saw me wearing glasses, she wanted to be like me, so she finally put them on.  It was not a scary movie. If you want to take your loved one to the movies I have a few tips for you.

  1. Choose a movie that is fun. It may not be a good idea to pick a movie that is very scary, or very sad.  People with dementia may not understand that it is just movie and it may bother them
  2. Sit near the exit. The loved one may become impatient or loud or may want to leave the movie theater. If you have to leave during the movie, or take a break it won't disturb other people.
  3. Eat popcorn or other favorite snacks.
  4. Enjoy the time you have together!

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  1. I am in love with this article. Its always the little things that matter. While we are growing up we often forget about our elders growing old. Beautiful article.