Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Reader's Questions

I think it is a good idea to answer questions from kids.

Here is a question that a girl named Susan (age 9) asked me. 

"My great grandpa keeps asking the same thing over and over again. He always repeats himself. It drives me crazy. I feel bad but I don't know how to stop it?"

My advice: answer him, and then immediately change the subject. For example, let's say your grandpa wants to know what he is having for supper. Tell him, "we're having chicken and rice. Grandpa, look at the picture I drew today at school. Isn't it pretty. Can you draw a picture with me?
If anyone has an other ideas PLEASE share them!  Please ask any questions and we can all try to help come up with a good answer.


  1. answer the question
  2. immediately change the subject
  3. distract the loved one (show him/her something interesting, ask them to fold towels with you, stir the soup with you)
  4. Give them a hug
  5. Tell them you love them!

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