Friday, March 25, 2016

Indoor Sports

Today it was rainy outside. I was hoping to take grandma to the park near the nursing home.  My friend and I wanted to do a physical activity with grandma. We wanted to get grandma to move and exercise. First we played a giant game of TIC TAC TOE with bean bags. (It belonged to my mom when she was a kid!)  Grandma enjoyed the game. Sometimes she forgot whether she was X or O, but it did not matter!  Next we played catch with a rubber ball. The ball is called a stress ball and it is easy to squeeze. Grandma was great! I could not believe how well she was able to catch the ball! We wheeled grandma to a different area where some of the residents were sitting. They seemed a little lonely. We asked them to play ball with us. "Gary" has dementia and thought I was his granddaughter. We laughed together and enjoyed ourselves! Next time I want grandma to kick the ball. Stay turned for our upcoming soccer game!


1. Pick an activity that you think the loved one can do.  (If they can not move their legs do something where they move their arms).
2. Do not worry about the rules. 
3. Encourage the loved one 
4. Do not play for too long of a time because the loved one might need a break!
5. Have fun! Smile!

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