Sunday, March 13, 2022

Purple Angel Ambassador

 It was such a great honor to be appointed the YOUNGEST Purple Angel Ambassador in 2016 and I continue to "wear" that honor. I continue to advocate for the Alzheimer's Community both the patients and caregivers. It was created in the UK and started a worldwide campaign! I carry on that honor as I continue to be an advocate for Alzheimer's disease.

The Purple Angel campaign is not slowing down!  It is gaining importance.

Here are its goals

  • raise awareness and education for all types of dementias
  • to show support for dementias; both diagnosed and caregivers
  • remove fear and isolation 
  • to become a global symbol for Alzheimer's that have no language barriers
  • to collaborate internationally
My goals as a Purple Angel Ambassador is to bring awareness about Alzheimer's
  • its needs that are often overlooked
  • its challenges and causes
  • how to still have joy and a life with purpose
  • sharing the POWERFUL movement with families worldwide
Here is a link to the Global Purple Angel Dementia Awareness Campaign

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