Thursday, March 10, 2022

Caregivers are HEROES!

 As a caregiver for my grandma I had many roles. Even though I was a kid, then a tween and lastly a teen I had a lot of responsibilities, in which none of my friends had:

Physical care: helping grandma walk, giving medication, sometimes treatments

Personal care: dressing, feeding, walking to the bathroom

Special care: making sure that she was safe at home

Coordinating care: scheduling appointments, taking to adult day care

Housework: cleaning, laundry, cooking

Shopping: clothing, groceries

I helped with all of these things while attending school!

I was under STRESS!

I felt: angry, depressed, lonely, had anxiety, trouble concentrating!

Here are strategies that I used to help deal with the STRESS:

Allow people to help you. I finally allowed my friends and other relatives to help me

Be good to yourself and focus on what you are actually providing. I had to accept that I am doing a good job, even though I did not think I was doing ENOUGH

Set reachable goals: I had to realize I cannot do EVERYTHING all of the time. I made lists and tried to follow most of the items

Research caregiving services: There are services out there for caregivers who can help with transportation, meals and housekeeping. Check with your local Alzheimer's Association 

Join A support group! As you know we have a FACEBOOK support group and Zoom sessions. In addition please feel free to email me at to ask me a question. I will gladly answer it and give my advice!

Do something fun for yourself. You need some TLC and need to unwind. 

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