Wednesday, March 16, 2022

A weekly patch has been approved for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease by the FDA

 Grandma hated to take her medication. I remember how difficult it was to convince her to take Aricipet and Namenda, two medications that are FDA approved for Alzheimer's disease to slow the progression.

I used to take an M & M and asked grandma to take her "candy"

Sometimes I would beg her to take her medication

Other times I would cry and she would feel bad and take it.

NOW there is a patch! It is called ADLARITY and it is Aricipet (donepezil) that is worn on the skin.

It is a once-weekly patch that is waterproof and stays on the arm like a bandaid.

I think that is an amazing advantage!

For fellow scientists out there here is the article:

click here

The patch goes onto the patient's arm!  If grandma were alive today, I would have told her that she should wear the bandaid "to make her arm feel better". I know she would have agreed to it. I wish we had a chance to use something like that instead of fighting with her to take her pills.

If you would like your family member to try the new medication, your parents can speak to your family member's doctor about it.

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