Sunday, March 27, 2022

Body Pillows

I noticed that grandma and a lot of residents at her facility hated going to bed at night.

It was always a problem

There are many reasons why people with dementia do not sleep well. I posted in an earlier post about circadian rhythms (internal body clocks) being "out of whack" in Alzheimer's patients.

But I also thought there could be another reason.

A lot of Alzheimer's patients had spouses that are no longer alive. They are used to sleeping in a bed with another person.

Here is where a body pillow comes in...

A body pillow feels like another person.

We bought grandma a body pillow and it really helped her a lot. It made her feel like the olden days when my grandpa would sleep with her.

We all like snuggly comfy things.

click here for body pillows I just picked one from Amazon. There are many types.

My advice, get one! It does not hurt to try and it could help a lot!

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