Thursday, January 13, 2022

When Kids Are The Caregivers - My Caregiving Project

We need to tackle the difficulties that kids face in many ways!

Kids who are caregivers did not always choose that role. Around 1.8 million kids are helping their loved ones.

Caregiving is a CHALLENGE faced by kids who take care of a family member. WE need help on many levels and support from our community, at school, and with own health. It is stressful.

Why do kids take on the role of caregiving?

  • adults are not always available
  • we love our family members and want to help
  • We feel responsible
What are the unpleasant parts about caregiving?
  • it can effect our mood and make us sad, angry or even guilty
  • It can make us tired or cause trouble sleeping
  • difficulty in school
How Can my Kid Caregivers Organization Help?
  • It gives hope and shows how resilient we are! (Look at me!)
  • It gives us a VOICE
  • We have online support groups just for us!
  • We have Zoom sessions with a guidance counselor to connect with others
  • In the Spring we will have social activities
  • We provide resources for caregiving kids!
  • Participation in PUZZLE TIME with family members and other Alzheimer's patients

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