Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Ms. Loretta Woodward Veney's posts on FACEBOOK

 Legos are a great activity for both the Alzheimer's patient and their family members. Here is a post from my friend Ms. Loretta Woodward Veney. Her posts are so inspirational!

Here is Ms. Woodward Veney's story. It is. very relatable!

"Today I wrote about the day in 2006 that Mom received her dementia diagnosis and I remember that day like it was yesterday. She didn’t want to “talk” about how she felt, so as we drove home I handed her our “car bag of LEGO bricks” and asked her to build what she was feeling. She immediately grabbed a minifigure and took its head off and said “I’m feeling like in a few years I will lose my head!” and she started to cry. As I tried to reassure her she added “I’ll have to just sit down in the corner and wither away!”. I was near tears too but I promised her that we would be in this together and that I’d always be right by her side and in no way would I let her just wither away! As I wrote about that conversation, I built this model of that day I’ll never forget!! As we enter year 16 with this disease I think Mom would agree that we’ve shared much more Joy than we have pain along this journey! And I’d encourage everyone on this journey to never give up!" #ENDALZ #legoseriousplay
May be a closeup of text that says '#END ALZ'

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