Friday, March 11, 2022

What Are Clinical Trials And Why Are They Important?

 A clinical trial is when scientists do a study to see if a treatment (such as a new Alzheimer's drug) works well is is safe to take. 

Clinical trials give us hope! Researchers are always testing new medications for Alzheimer's patients, but they need participants. A participant is a person who volunteers to take an experimental drug. They need recruit volunteers.

If you have a family member with Alzheimer's disease you can discuss it with your parents and maybe the loved one could participate.

Video Explanation of Clinical Trials

There is a really cool website that the government runs called (

If you go to that website you can type in: Alzheimer's disease or dementia and find trials that are taking place in your area.

Scientists are working very hard so maybe one day, there will be an amazing treatment or even a cure! 

The scientists need our help in finding volunteers for the studies!

Here is an AHEAD Study Recruitment film.  It is very informative!  This is a study taking place at Brigham and Woman's Hospital in Massachusetts!

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