Thursday, March 17, 2022

Updated Alzheimer's Statistics (numbers) 6.5 MILLION older Americans diagnosed! It is not ok!

The numbers are scary!

Please watch video!

1 in 3 seniors will develop Alzheimer's

COVID-19 increased diagnoses by 17%

80% of Americans do not know what Mild Cognitive Impairment is!

It kills more people than breast and prostate cancer combined!

OVER 11 million Americans are acting as caregivers! (Kids, tweens and teens are part of those statistics)

Alzheimer's disease will cost this nation $321 BILLION

2/3 of Americans with Alzheimer's are women, and older Black Americans are TWICE as likely to have Alzheimer's or other types of dementia than older White Americans!

#Alzheimersinamerica #endalz

Here is a link from the Alzheimer's Association's Twitter

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