Monday, April 4, 2022

Piano lessons In Older Individuals Could "hold off" dementia

  • Scientists found advantages of piano lessons for older individuals 
  • The people in the study played for 30 minutes a day and took a one hour lesson once a week
  • Participants took lessons and practiced for 6 months
  • Learning music later in life has benefits - but you have to be committed to it 
  • The White Matter in the brain did not shrink in the people who played the piano
  • The White Matter in the brain shrunk a bit in the people who did not play!
Even though grandma was very confused she still remembered some of her lessons from childhood. It made her happy to play.

Click here to see grandma

 Frontiers In Aging Neuroscience Front. Aging Neurosci., 15 February 2022 |

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