Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Gearing Up For GLOBAL YOUTH SERVICE DAY (April 29th-May 1st 2022)

  I am heart-warmed to be selected as YOUNG HERO GRANTEE from HERSHEY, for the SECOND year!

We have BIG plans. On April 29th and May 1st we will have volunteers in NYC, Long Island, Connecticut, NJ, Maryland, and PA! They will be distributing over 2000 jigsaw puzzles IN A DAY. The puzzles will be delivered to underserved and marginalized Alzheimer's facilities that are in need of resources! We will have over 1000  volunteers! Email us if you would like to participate! kidcaregivers@gmail.com! It was an honor that Nassau Executive Laura Curran stopped by with a citation of honor! 

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