Thursday, June 16, 2016

Making Friends

Many seniors REALLY like kids.  Whenever we work on puzzles with seniors we try to become friends with them.  So we are not just working on puzzles but making friends too!  We became friends with Dorothy.  She has mild dementia which means she was able to talk a lot and understand us. She is in her nineties.  After we solved the puzzle with her, we talked to her about the olden days and sang the song, "Follow The Yellow Brick Road". Since her name is Dorothy, she had the name of the lead character in the Wizard of Oz.  Here are some tips:


1. Introduce yourself to the seniors in the nursing home
2. Tell them a little bit about yourself (your name, your age, your grade)
3. After solving a puzzle, talk to the senior about something fun.
4. Thank them for solving the puzzle with you
5. Give them a compliment. (for example: "your hair looks nice, you have such a nice smile, I love your nail polish)
6. Smile and give hugs!

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