Saturday, February 27, 2016

Today,  I took grandma out for an ice cream sundae. We had a lot of fun. Afterwards we went to a pottery store and painted pottery. Lastly we went out for Chinese food. The day was just wonderful. However, getting grandma back into the nursing home was difficult. Because grandma has dementia, she does not always remember that she lives in a nursing home, now.  When brought her back, she did not want to go inside and said that she doesn't live there.  I told her that "I left something upstairs in this building and I need her to come in and help me find it". She agreed, and we took her back to her room.  I have some advice that I would like to share.

Tips for Dealing with Someone Who Has Alzheimer's Disease

  1. Do not argue with them
  2. Go into "their" world
  3. Distract them
  4. Make the person feel useful (I told my grandma that I needed her help and she stopped being difficult and was happy to help me
  5. When all else fails, tell the person that you love them! (you can never go wrong with this one!)


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  2. Hailey,
    The four tips you showed are very helpful. I agree with love you can never go wrong.

  3. Wonderful, Hailey. You will help a lot of kids!