Sunday, February 28, 2016

Field Trip to the Botanical Gardens

Today we took grandma to the Botanical Gardens.  The weather was lovely. My good friend joined us. She loves to work as a caregiver as well. We took turns wheeling grandma through the Gardens. We also took a tram ride which gives a tour of the Gardens.  Grandma loves flowers and trees so much. Her favorite poem is: Trees by Joyce Kilmer and she recited it to me all the time when I was little.  She knows the poem by heart!  Her favorite tree is the weeping willow.  The tram driver stopped the tram in front of a weeping pine tree.  Grandma was very happy. She started telling me and my friend stories about how she took my mom to a park when she was little and there were beautiful weeping willow trees. I asked my mom if it was true and mom said yes!  I think that when people with dementia are happy and see things that mean a lot to them it helps with their memory.

Some tips: Show the person you are caring for, things they really love. It will make them smile and perhaps they will remember stuff and tell you about the past.  Even if it can't help them remember it will put them in a good mood! This piece of advice applies to everyone, not just people with Alzheimer's Disease!

I would love to hear from other kids!  Do you have a loved one that needs caregiving?  Please share your story. You can write it in the comments section.

Hope everyone had a great day!

Here are some pictures:
I did not take a picture of this tree but it looks like the tree at the Botanical Gardens (which grandma loved).

Here I am with grandma and my friend (assistant caregiver)

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