Thursday, November 28, 2019

Bubble Tea With Grandma

Yesterday me and grandma decided that we would try something new!   We decided to get bubble tea. In case you don't know what bubble tea is, I will tell you. There are many versions of it, but basically it is green tea, with milk, and tapioca sugar balls, and it is served cold. When she took the first sip, she told me about how her mother used to make her hot tea, when she was a kid. She liked  her tea with milk and honey. I told her about how my mom makes me tea sometimes too, and we both had so much fun, laughing together and drinking our tea.  When grandma tried the tapioca balls she was not sure she would like them. She did not understand why they were in the tea!  Me and grandma were able to connect and it was truly a wonderful experience. If you and your loved one ever feel thirsty, I suggest trying bubble tea.  It was an enjoyable activity, that did not require remembering anything!


  1. What a wonderful idea for an outing, Hailey! I am so touched by your dedication and of the work you do on behalf of and for youngsters who are “caregivers” for an aging loved one, afflicted with Alzheimer’s. I am a 3rd grade teacher at Lakeville Elementary School in Great Neck, NY and was wondering if you make school visits to speak to the students! My classes and I, for the past 14 years, have been giving back in so many ways..speaking to you would be wonderful! This year our school initiative is to spread joy!! Seems to be your mantra! Hope you can visit!

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