Friday, May 25, 2018

Two Minute Activities For Dementia Patients

I researched and found a website with an amazing article about activities for Dementia patients that are quick. Here is the link: 

I decided to change it a bit and create a list for kids and their family members with Alzheimer's disease.

1. Smile at your family member and look into their eyes
2. Bring a bunch of silly hats or caps and try them on in front of the mirror. (Take pictures)
3. Give your loved one a compliment. Compliments are SO important. I will write a whole entry about compliments on another day!)
4. Look at pictures in a magazine. Point to your favorite colors
5. Hold hands (Family members love to be held, hugged, and touched by their loved ones
6. Play catch
7. Give a quick back rub
8. Tell your family member that you love them!
9. Give a big hug
10. Put scented hand lotion on your family member
11. Dance
12. Listen to music on headphones
13. Look at pictures on an animal or nature calendar
14. Blow bubbles
15. Fold clothes
16. Water plants
17. Hold seashells to your ears to "listen for the ocean"
18. Make a potpourri sash by wrapping spices/herbs in fabric, and guessing the scent
19. Comb your loved one's hair, and let them comb YOUR hair!
20. Read funny poems or limericks (I am thinking about Shel Silverstein!)
21. Sing a nursery rhyme
22. Share a snack
23. Look at pictures
24. Prep a puzzle for solving, by sorting the pieces (flat edges, corners, etc)

What activities can YOU add to the list?


  1. Thank you for posting this. I have triplets about your age. My Mom has Alz and lives with us. My kids are getting a break right now visiting with some other relatives. I'll have them add to your list when they return. :)

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