Monday, April 11, 2016

Casino Card Game

Grandma and I like to play an old fashioned card game called: Casino. She taught me how to play it. Grandma used to play cards all the time. Many seniors love to play cards and I know that a lot of them play Casino. Nowadays, I am usually the one who plays cards with her. It is a lot of fun. Because grandma has dementia, she often forgets the rules, and where we left off. It is okay. Remember, if your loved one is confused, you have to go into THEIR world. So I play along with grandma and she loves it!


1) Many seniors enjoyed playing cards. Try to find a card game to play
2) Do not worry about HOW to play the game, JUST PLAY IT!
3) Laugh with each other
4) If the loved one doesn't remember how to play the game, make up a NEW GAME
5) Match colors
6) Match numbers
7) Invent an easy game, BE CREATIVE!
8) The whole point is to get your loved one to do some activity with you!

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