Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards 2018

Hi Everyone!
I have great news to share!  Along with 9 other kids, I received the Prudential Spirit of Community Award for National Honoree! (https://spirit.prudential.com/honoree/2018/ny/hailey-richman) It was such an amazing experience. I am truly grateful to Prudential. I won the award for Grandma, for the people who suffer from the Alzheimer's disease and the families who love them, especially the kids! I plan to donate some of the award funds to Alzheimer's Disease research. I have lots of big plans!
I am planning to put on puppet shows for kids, to teach them about the disease. I will create short videos which will teach kids.  I am working on a book, and would like to also form Kid Caregiver clubs at schools! I also have a second organization: PuzzlesToRemember, founded by Max Wallack. (www.puzzlestoremember.org). I am the Associate Director.  I have created a PUZZLE TIME program, which pairs up a Girl Scout or kid volunteer with an Alzheimer's patient for an hour of puzzle-solving.  My plan is to have PUZZLE TIME programs nationwide, and in a few countries!  Because of the generosity of Prudential, I will now have funds to help make these plans a reality!

 I won silver (State Honoree) and gold (National Honoree) Prudential Spirit of Community medals.  I put them on grandma's neck to wear.  She did not understand why I have medals but knew it was a good thing.  She saw how happy I was inside and it made her happy. I noticed that my mood, can effect Grandma's mood!  Sometimes, we are not even aware of our moods.  When you visit your family member with Alzheimer's disease, try your best to be in a happy mood, even if you do not feel so happy. It will make the time better. Also if you pretend to be happy, it can MAKE you happy!

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