Monday, April 23, 2018


Our dear friend, Lynda Everman, made a small "lap sized" quilt for grandma. She asked us to share some of grandma's favorite things.  Grandma's favorite color is green, she loves anything to do with Canada, since she was born there.  Her favorite flower is a bleeding heart.  Lynda made a "scrappy squares" quilt using many different fabrics. She took a green bandana to make some of the green parts.  She had already used some of the green to make a quilt for her late son's best friends.  Some of the heart patterns came from her husband's collection of things from his late wife. The hearts represented grandma's favorite flower, bleeding hearts and represents our love for each other. Lynda's friend Lena, also helped and used stitching that resembled maple leafs - a symbol of Canada! She put so much care and love into it.

Quilts are also called comforters, and for a good reason!  The provide lots of comfort, especially to someone with Alzheimer's disease.  Grandma LOVED the quilt. She thought I made it, and I went along with the idea.  She showed the staff at the nursing home and told them I made it!  She remembered that her favorite color is green and kept running her hands back and forth over the quilt.  I have to agree it is a beautiful quilt, and we really really love it! I spent the day with grandma, and we covered her wheelchair with the quilt and at night tucked her into bed and covered her with the quilt.


1) If you CAN make a quilt or knit a blanket.  Use colors that your family member loves. Think about their favorite tree, flower, a hobby, something they really like (maybe cats, dogs, etc).

2) If you cannot make a quilt yourself (and not too many of us can, lol) try to purchase a special quilt for your loved one. It is a good purchase and will provide your loved one with comfort!

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