Monday, June 20, 2016

Teaching Kids In My Class

Today I was able to teach my classmates about Alzheimer's disease.  I used the smart board and did a presentation.  I explained to the students a little bit about what the disease does to the brain and the ways that people with the disease act.  I then read the book: Why Did Grandma Leave Her Underwear in the Refrigerator by Max Wallack and Carolyn Given.  After reading the book I answered lots of questions from my classmates.  I even found out that a boy in my class also has a grandmother with the disease!  I did not even know that, we never talked about our grandmas!

 I would like to thank my teacher, Ms. Zelwinder for letting me do my presentation!


1. Ask your teacher if you can do presentation about Alzheimer' disease for your classmates.  
2. Read a book to the class about the disease
3. Answer questions that your classmates may have about the disease
4. Have your classmates share their feelings about the disease

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