Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Friend, Katie is a guest poster today!

Hello everyone! Today I thought it would be good idea if a friend writes in. One of my very best friends, loves helping people in many different ways. She was very exited when I told  her she could be a guest writer. WELL WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, MY FRIEND KATIE WILL WRITE HER POST!

Hello, my name is Katie and I'm one of Hailey's very close friends. Even though it's sad that Hailey's grandma has Alzheimer's Disease, there are things that I can to to help that are very fun. And I feel happy and proud caring for her.  I also like to work with other seniors at the nursing home.We like to do "Puzzles To Remember". It is a special type of puzzle that helps make the brain work better. Puzzles To Remember, created by Max Wallack,  makes Hailey's Grandma feel happy and relaxes her mind.  I love working as an assistant for Hailey and being a caregiver. I hope they find a cure. I also hope other people are inspired by Max, Hailey, me, and the other caregivers.    

This is my best friend who just wrote a post.