Saturday, May 14, 2022

PUZZLE TIME for Elderly LGBT individuals With Alzheimer's Disease

My grandparents had a family friend who was gay. "Jack" was the sweetest man. He was from France, and was an artist and dancer. He painted a beautiful painting of a famous bridge in a park for my grandparents. He always had fun stories and had the best accent!

Unfortunately, when he began to forget things, it was very scary.  Jack did not have children. His nieces and nephews were in France. He did not live near us. When he developed Alzheimer's, he was placed into a nursing home. He was very lonely. He lived far away from us, but we visited him occasionally. 

I would like our PUZZLE TIME  program to reach marginalized elderly persons living with Alzheimer's disease. who are from LGBT communities. They often do not have family members and companionship. Jack had my family and we tried our best to be there for him.

We are now shipping Alzheimer's puzzles to SAGE communities, and will be recruiting student volunteers and Girl Scouts to participate in PUZZLE TIME. Our hope is to provide companionship and stimulating activities for the LGBT Alzheimer's communities.

SAGE stands for Advocacy & Services for LGBT Elders.  To read more about the organization click here

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