Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Intergenerational Care Project

There is a new trend which is combining elder care with child care.  There is a pilot program in Australia called the Intergenerational Care Project. Here is the link: Intergenerational Care Project
I think it sounds like a great idea!  Although, I am guessing it would have its pros and cons.
Would love to hear from my readers!  What are your thoughts?  Is it a good idea?  Or too much work for the carers?  What are the advantages/risks?

Video  I have a lot of thoughts about this idea.  I think it could work out well.  I can only speak about my own experience. I observe that seniors with Alzheimer's really adore little kids. Many dementia patients enjoy dolls (it reminds them of their parenting days). Interacting with little ones in a day care would be nice for them. BUT, I do think that it could be difficult for the staff at the facility.  I wonder if the behavior of Alzheimer's patients would be "better" as they "parent" the little kids in the facility. Perhaps Alzheimer's patients would be more cooperative regarding their own care. I am glad that Australia is trying to find solutions involving the care of Alzheimer's patients.

I do know that MY intergenerational programs are a BIG hit.  We are expanding PUZZLE TIME to 17 states and 5 countries!  The kids and seniors really enjoy the whole process.  Pairing young people and seniors is a winning idea!

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