Friday, July 20, 2018

Window Shopping

Window shopping is an activity that many people enjoy.  It is basically looking into storefront windows at the things for sale. People with Alzheimer's disease are able to look at items, and it does not require a good memory to do it.  Grandma used to wear gorgeous clothes, shoes and scarves. She loves fashion!  

I took my grandma to a neighborhood with stores. We looked at the dress shops. Grandma likes to share her opinion about dresses. She knows what she likes and shares her thoughts. Grandma also likes to share what she does not like, as well. 

If you have a grandpa (or male relative) who is not interested in fashion. Go to a store window that has items that they would find interesting, for example: sporting goods store, electronics store.


1. Bring your loved one to an area with lots of store windows.
2. Look through the windows and ask your loved one to point to what they like
3. Ask them why they like the outfit, shoes, scarves, computer, fishing rod,etc.

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