Thursday, March 22, 2018

Exercise And The Brain

There are a lot of scientific articles about how exercising helps the brain. The scientists say it is good for the brain, puts people into a good mood, and could even help a person with thinking skills.  I know grandma loved to do exercises.  Grandma used to do lots of exercise including jogging when she was younger!
When you are in a wheelchair it is hard to do a lot of exercise.  Here are some ideas! All of these activities have been done with grandma!

1) wheelchair basketball
In nice weather I take grandma to the park and we try and throw the basketball into the hoop. It is a lot of fun.  We make up our own rules!

2) Throwing a ball
I throw a beach ball back and forth with grandma. It exercises our our arms.

3) Kicking a ball
Grandma and I like to kick a beach ball back and forth.

4) Wheelchair yoga
I am excited about this activity. I have not tried it yet, but I will follow this youtube video with grandma when I see her again!  I like this video because it is only 8 minutes!  (Grandma does not have good attention. People with dementia cannot concentrate, so it is best to not do something that will be too long!)


Grandma LOVES bowling.  We use an old Wii station and it works out well. We can play "tennis" and "golf". Grandma used to play golf a lot when she was young.


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