Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dry Erase Boards

Grandma broke her hip.  She also lost all of her hearing aides.  I found a dry erase board at the Dollar Tree store. It came with a marker and eraser! We brought a dry erase board to the hospital.  It was very helpful.  I was surprised to see that grandma understood the things that we wrote on the dry erase board.  I wonder if people with dementia are better at reading words than understanding words?  We used the dry erase board, to ask her questions, play games and see how she is feeling.  It was actually kind of fun. We told the staff at grandma's nursing home and her aide to use the dry erase board with her. It has been working well.


1. Keep the sentences short.
2. Let your loved one use the board too.
3. Dry pictures on the board, be creative :-)