Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Active Body Active Mind

My gym teacher says, "active body active mind."  That means if you do something with your body your mind will feel better, not just your body!  I like to take grandma to the park. We sometimes throw balls into the basket ball hoops. (I will try and find some pictures to show you). We also like to play tennis (our way) without a net or rules. We just like to hit the ball to each other. Grandma laughs and smiles when we do an activity.


  1. Hailey, I just listened to your radio interview. You did an Awesome job! I look forward to hearing and seeing more about your accomplishments. Keep moving forward with your ideas and I am sure I will see you on the Shark Tank in the near future. Good Luck!

  2. Hailey you are a very gifted girl and you warmed my heart listening to you talk about helping people with Alzheimer's Disease. My Dad died of A.D., in 2004. G-d bless you!